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how do you make each page so different? I want to figure out tiling first :/
thekingsofwingo 2 years ago

saw the uh, christmas break thing, i'll send a message on tumblr

bluef00t 2 years ago

The answer is you can make as many .css files as you want! Just make a second css file called something like "customstyle.css" and then change the in the header of the page you want to change to link to the new customstyle.css file instead of the default style.css one.

bluef00t 2 years ago

For example, my main site pages all use

bluef00t 2 years ago

But my TMBG related pages have the reference to "style.css" replaced with a link to "pink.css", which is this stylesheet:

FSB: Ooh. TB: Interesting. So you’re going to take a drink. GM: We’re done with this. TB: What? GM: I feel like a lab rat. I feel the government is out to get us. TB: Then you should write a book about it, as soon as your done with this. GM: I will. I will write a book about that I don’t think they are out to get us. What is your favorite nickname, TB: Do you really think I’m into research, Green Marker? GM:
thekingsofwingo 2 years ago

I think I am. It will be good for the show, we can call me Marker. TB: Sounds good to me, Green Marker. For more on the Off Topic Conspiracy, check out the YouTube page and watch the archive below.

AI post #1: (to be archived on my site): In most variants of the "Homer & Homer" Emails, when the Simpsons do not have their mouths agape (as they usually do when they are feeding water to a parrot), the bird's head moves on its own. link for myself for later ;>0
wow! now I can post messages! Yay!

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