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hey fam, I wanted to ask, could I share some ideas I had for the X and Y project?
thekingsofwingo 2 years ago

If yes, then please say or press 1

thekingsofwingo 2 years ago

if-- oh, yes? probably? okay. Well, I wanted to say you should make a character named "The Nightmare" who is a grinning scarecrow sent to torture and manipulate people by the Johns with giant broomstick arms.

thekingsofwingo 2 years ago

finally, and thirdly, could I get my boy JIMMY ZENSHINS in the comic as John Z? The guy from the neighboring city Philly equivalent "Sdrazbor" who is also a supervillian, but had his IFC membership stolen by John J, or Jeff, who is a big jerk. And a blobfish with an eyepatch

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