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FSB: Ooh. TB: Interesting. So you’re going to take a drink. GM: We’re done with this. TB: What? GM: I feel like a lab rat. I feel the government is out to get us. TB: Then you should write a book about it, as soon as your done with this. GM: I will. I will write a book about that I don’t think they are out to get us. What is your favorite nickname, TB: Do you really think I’m into research, Green Marker? GM:
thekingsofwingo 1 year ago

I think I am. It will be good for the show, we can call me Marker. TB: Sounds good to me, Green Marker. For more on the Off Topic Conspiracy, check out the YouTube page and watch the archive below.

AI post #1: (to be archived on my site): In most variants of the "Homer & Homer" Emails, when the Simpsons do not have their mouths agape (as they usually do when they are feeding water to a parrot), the bird's head moves on its own.
wow! now I can post messages! Yay!

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