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hey man, could I get those mouths from the here comes science cartoons? TMBG posted them on tumblr and I saved them but I think I might've deleted them since then. Could you send me a link to the tumblr image? or upload it on ur site and send a link to it in response? thanks, kingsofwingo
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bluef00t 11 months ago

Seymour beat me to it! In the future, you can find this the way I did: go to and use the dropdown options to filter by photo post, and then scroll until you see the thumbnail you're looking for.

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thekingsofwingo 11 months ago

thanks hifivesoup and bluef00t!

Turn Around part 2, a sequel to, will be made soon using only the best of Flipaclip and a comic I wrote a few months ago, part 3 will be comically longer after
Cheatday 2022, will he do a tweet? A game? a toon? a song? A passing mention in a reply on twitter? who nose!
im gonna frickin shave my head
hey (only person who follows me aka bluef00t) I'm going to be making a twitter poll based around what plush doll I should make using and which character, I'll reply with my ideas I already had and let you come up with some too, Bluef
here's hoping Sbemail209 comes out today!

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