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your page makes me happy I just realized this is weird to say with no context LOL, the pink colour is just very nice
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angel99 1 year ago

thank u ^_^

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that 404 page is absolutely poggers
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I, am so grateful to be in the bffs part of the site,,, I feel like I won the lottery rn
scenequeen 1 year ago

OMGGG ur just so sweet i cant help but call u my bff <33

I typo'd two periods instead of one after work so the sentence flows weird oof but in summary I really like your site's original design!!
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38cautionzone 1 year ago

I not great with sentence either, often make grammar mistakes from time to time. Anyway, thanks! I have no idea what the site design going to be for while but I decide to stick with this current design.

thank you!! I like the artwork on yours alot LOL, I thought the loading screen background was an anime promo pic or something, now I see its a comp of your work. I also like the buttons on the left, they're cool too
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38cautionzone 1 year ago

The loading screen was something I have in mind, it just made it look cooler, but Thanks for those compliments about my artwork!

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