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umh teehee so what if i keep the song recs the same for the week,,, sorry im kinda busy and a little sick so i dont have the energy to find new songs rn :(
k82139 3 months ago

its ok sekai-lyric-pages <3 hope you get well soon

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omg it didnt even cross my mind i could delete those auto update posts hskjfhksf thank u
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ok. so in theory. what if at one point i made info pages for the events. like the cards, the summary that gets posted to twitter, things like that. it sounds fun to make but im worried about like. idk stepping on the toes of sekai viewer and things like that. maybe im insane for that but??
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sekai-lyric-pages 3 months ago

i am fully aware i am nowhere near done with the lyric pages themselves. so this would be a project for the future. but i was thinking about it and wanted like input on if that would be cool to do or not

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sorry the weeks song recs are late splatoon 3 dlc dropped and thats been taking so much of my time lol
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