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hello! 5 months have flown by, life gets pretty crazy huh? just wanted to give an update that i'm gonna do a revamp, probably change my name too but we shall see. it's gonna be slowly & gradually over time. but i really just want to start fresh and get back into maintaining my site : -) sometimes even little steps are better than nothing. anyway! that's it really. have a great monday! : -D
yet another popping-by to say hello! my life has been so busy that i find it so hard to update... and when i do have the time i've been trying to spend it in other ways ;__; im seeing im losing followers which was not my intent or care in creating my neocities but it does make me feel this pressure to maintain a type of schedule or some shit. i mean "curate your own internet experience" etc but still ;O;
sapninikki 6 months ago

anyway ultimately just wanted to give an update if that's something you care about. hope everyone's week is going well so far!

codecrusader 6 months ago

I turned off my website’s profile since the whole follower thing was really bothering me. Maybe you could also do this? I totally get how you feel but I’m here for you :)

hello! it's been a while since i've updated my site (and i still haven't yet -_-) so i wanted to just pop on and make a post! currently working on a bunch of tweaks and hope to update my pages w/in the next week. no layout change or anything but just wanted to give an update... hope everyone has been having a great weekend! ^O^
Updated my music diary so instead of having one endless scroll, you can now individually click on the genres and then navigate their correlating subgenres w/o so much clutter ^o^
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sees 7 months ago

so excited for the music diary!

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I love the layout! It reminds me of some blogs I used to read back in the day. I also love your music log/diary, I think I wanna do something similar to it. <3<3
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sapninikki 7 months ago

Wow thank you so much!! I love to learn and listen to any music I might not know so I can't wait to see your log! ^O^

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