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hey your site is so cool!
Hey! is this still a project? I'd love to help if it is
themountainnotes 3 weeks ago

hi!! i'm really sorry to have not replied sooner, i haven't looked at this project idea in a while. it's something i'm picking back up! i've recently made more friends interested in the goats and we're looking at doing something as a group, i'm just starting a discord if you'd like to join!

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hey!! i love ur site :D thanks for the follow
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swiftred 4 months ago

I really appreciate it!! thank you <3

muse page on mine is unfinished for right now but i'll flesh it out soon! button's on my home page :]
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tehuan 4 months ago

sounds good ! just added you to the members page

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omg no way i just realized i don't have ur button linked on my site... gotta change that !
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rosemaryandthyme 4 months ago

WAIT i dont have yours either wtaf brb

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