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I just noticed that the website for that metal band that was following random neocities pages including mine is now gone. weird.
nowthatweareseparated 1 year ago

I just updated PawaPuro Documentation's stylesheet please please pl;ease don't be broen

does neocities know you can still share your site to google+ 3 years after that site shut down? lol
I forgot I had "Site Comments" turned off for three years LOL let's turn that back on.
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digital-devil 1 year ago

Is there a baseball game on DS? Its the only console i have.

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nowthatweareseparated 1 year ago

Regarding the NDS, There is the PawaPoke (パワポケ) series which is Japan-Only and there are no translations to my knowledge unfortunately, PawaPoke 8 to 12 were on the DS, MLB Power Pros 2008 (English) and Pro Yagu Begins (Korean) are technically PawaPoke games but they don't have most features of the Japanese games. There's also some miscellaneous titles, I'

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nowthatweareseparated 1 year ago

I accidentally pressed the "post" button while writing but i'm pretty sure there are plenty of other English/Japanese baseball games for the DS, like Backyard Baseball, MLB 2K7, Famista, ect. that are for the DS but I don't know how good they are.

siameseartist 1 year ago

Pawapoke on nds 8 to 14 not 12

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