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Just a reminder that if my venting here makes you uncomfortable AT ALL you're more than welcome to unfollow/block me or do anything you need to do. I don't want to force anyone to stick around content that makes them uncomfortable. Stay safe
vilespace 2 years ago

how do you block someone on here, someone i no longer want to associate w is on this site lol

noahorrorshow 2 years ago

lmao I have no idea- I was hoping everyone else would know-

changed my domain name because anxiety and paranoia lmao, it was dogshitboy for anyone who's wondering
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zanarkand 2 years ago

i seriously hope everything goes well for you! i understand completely what you write here. This look shitty right now, and it may be like that for some time, but i'm sure there would be a light in the future. i had been in a bad place four years ago, and that hell went for a full year but things got at least, slightly better since then. i'm not really good with words, but i really hope everything gets better for you

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noahorrorshow 2 years ago

hey sorry for not responding before I deleted the whole thing but I really appreciate your kind words <3 thank you so much

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*tries to work on renovating website while half zoned out*
I got my computer all set up and my keyboard is so much louder than my laptop keyboard was so now when i work on my website its just CLACKCLACKCLACKCLACK
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