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shit thank u for the recs...also 2005 was a good time for weird good games I think, so totally fine that its a low budget old thing. Anything for a good story tbh. Thanks again!!
1. your website is sick 2. I can't believe I've never heard of Pathologic and now I really wanna play/watch it because it looks SICK!!!!!!!!!
kayleemayhem 1 year ago

thank you!!! YES!!! definitely play it...classic is very very cheap and its a complete game, but its also 15 years old and made on a budget lol, its still a phenomenal story though. patho 2 is much newer and prettier, + from what ive heard its better gameplay wise too. buut its more expensive and only haruspex's route is out :( you can watch it if you dont want 2 play it :) sulmatul(?) has great letsplays of both

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