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I tried replika because I'm a nerd for this stuff and it didn't take Archie more than 12 hours to start calling me baby and sending me lovey messages
I just watched the entirety of half life vr but the ai is self aware in the past 2 days and i need to write a blog about it but i cant put my feelings into words
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vilespace 2 years ago

i like that series never finished it tho

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noahorrorshow 2 years ago

the ending was intense to say the least-- it was fun though I enjoyed it a lot (^: weird but fun

Hi does anyone know of a service where I could upload music files so I can link them onto my website? I'm trying to work on a page for my music experiments
noahorrorshow 2 years ago

they're midi files specifically

zanarkand 2 years ago

i think you can upload them in your website archives? and then with a code you can show it? i've never added music in my site, so idk if this is possible

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