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I'm bad at this lol. ; u ; I keep forgetting to update. Anyways, in my current college class, we're supposed to make a video game, soooo.
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websitering 3 years ago

Tell us how the game's commin' along, when you have time.

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Hey megaphone if you are still doing game reviews can you review rainbow six siege??
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megaphoneartist 3 years ago

I can try. I've got a final due this week, but maybe I can work on it next week. ^-^

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Okay honestly I really want to update the website but with college it's really difficult. I'll update if anyone actually wants me to, so, does anyone want me to?
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websitering 3 years ago

Yes, but only in your free time. College should come 1st; it's expensive to fail. :(

megaphoneartist 3 years ago

Alright, coolio. Of course though, grades are importante. * u * It's okay, I've got them A's. c;

Omg I hit 30k. o.o Time for an update soon then.
I am actually alive, I swear.
Also, what do you guys think? Should I go back to my art website or keep it at game reviews?
2bit 4 years ago

what about both?

megaphoneartist 4 years ago

Hmm, good point.

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