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got a copy of physical grotto stuff!!! also ran into a lot of problems trying to upload pngs of them, and ended up breaking all the images on the site so. not sure how to fix that
klayfruit 2 months ago

made a folder to put all the pngs in, so that may have also messed things up??????????????

klayfruit 2 months ago

okay so the pngs need to be in the same folder as the index, so now my problem is figuring out how to move files Out of a folder

klayfruit 2 months ago

FIGURED IT OUT!!!! might have to buy more space to be able to upload the physical goblet pngs though, so itll take a while to upload those

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klayfruit 2 months ago

i might give little updates on what i do with each change to the site? for this one, i changed some of the wording in dario's cement factory, along with a lot more tiny details changed and fixed in the home page. may also be adding more links and connections to the unfinished areas, but that one im not sure of yet!

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klayfruit 2 months ago

i also asked the person in the comments vinesauce vinny's GG vod, @pillgrimm, where they got the info of dario being a sign of your file corrupting. they're most likely right, but i'd like to know where the info comes from/is implied since it's interesting to me!

hi i saw u on yume nikki i like ur website
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klayfruit 3 months ago


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