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Omg ur site is so freaking cool!! thx sm for the follow!! <3
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vencake 1 year ago

thanks so much! Always happy to follow another mcr fan 8)

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I wonder how many of my site views are my own, editing one tiny little thing and refreshing the page over and over
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haii! love ur site, is there a link for the cursor? it’s so cute!! ^w^
leathermouth 1 year ago

haiii, i no longer have the link to the cursor but if i find it i will send it to you!! ^w^

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fabulouskilljoys 1 year ago

I can fix a thousand things on the homepage and you won’t show it. but I create a few files and move things around and you make a big deal??

Sanrio’s got an emo penguin character and no one told me
omg thx for the follow, bc your site look so amazing!! I swear that’s one of the best graphics I’ve seen in my life <33
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avenue 1 year ago

thank you!! :)

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