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New Waking Down strip!
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boxy 3 months ago


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boogtoons 3 months ago

I love Imptern.

I need to stop looking at the site traffic stats thing. I don't care about it at all yet I'm still worrying about it.
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thekingsofwingo 3 months ago

i;ve never seen min-- wait, 14,368 views? DAAANG

thekingsofwingo 3 months ago

seriously though, I have been on here like, several months if not a year longer than you, and you probably shoudlnt worry about it until next year or so

how did you do the code on the tiles? I still can't figure it out
boogtoons 3 months ago

my background you mean?

Added an incredibly unfinished about me page
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thekingsofwingo 3 months ago

i can also see it below this, yes

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