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Do you have an email? I have some reddit trolling screenshots you might appreciate
arkazis 6 months ago

Put it on imgur or your site and link here, it will be more convenient that way

youtuube 6 months ago

im not ready to blow my cover tho...

action report: i post on quora every once in a while but so far there nothing interesting to put on here, half the answers are now chat-gpt generated (quora now even prompts you to register on some other app that will generate them for you, so you don't have to wait for hindus to do it).
arkazis 7 months ago

though i've been busy with more interesting things so I don't feel like sharting up quora as much. I'm going to redesign the site one last time some time soon though

I've been using ChatGPT to essentially automate trolling on Reddit, I feed it ridiculous prompts and force it to write first person accounts/posts for the site. This strategy may be worth looking into if Quora is a bust these days, I've had a varying degree of success getting responses, just depends on the subreddit.
dc-blog 11 months ago

Wait you can do that? Thats actually pretty smart, if I weren't permabanned on Reddit I would do the same thing.

youtuube 11 months ago

@dc-blog to clarify the "automation" part is using ChatGPT to write the posts, still gotta copy and paste the GPT posts in to reddit. Although I'm sure someone with enough know how could fully automate the entire process

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youtuube 11 months ago

Do VPNs not work for getting passed the permaban?

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genosadness 11 months ago

AI-generated shitposting

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rbuchanan 11 months ago

So many unwashed, overfed incels have spent more time unwittingly conversing with AI than organisms over the course of their posting careers....

arkazis 11 months ago

Hindus on quora use chatgpt for replies already, i'm yet to see a funny one. Is it really good?

arkazis 11 months ago

Another concern is the structure of the posts themselves, can't they tell that its chatgpt by the way it is written? I'm curious because those answers i mentioned can be spotted from a mile away

youtuube 11 months ago

Haha of course they are, I've noticed a few recurring style/formatting patterns with GPT as well, you may need to make a few changes here and there to the output. Helps if you tell it to write in the style of [x] too. Going in and butchering the grammar/spelling helps throw off those concerns, even when I tell GOT to be grammatically incorrect it seems to refuse to.

Quora has gotten significantly worse: you can no longer select topics for your question yourself, which means, unless your question has very specific keywords, it will most likely be put into obscure categories. What this entails is: less exposure for the question, less users to request answers from, and less answers in total because those users all have under 100 answers or less.
arkazis 11 months ago

For comparison, by adding the most active topics you get to request the most active users, plus get more exposure. Anyways, I am a tad bit busy but there will be more quora pics this month for sure, I'll harvest some from various other trolls too!!!

rbuchanan 11 months ago

I'd be surprised if this hadn't eventually been implemented. Like all of these established toilets, Quora's purpose is to control information, and flush or suppress that which challenges the status quo. Obviously, this will always be inadvertently inconvenient for trolls.

arkazis 11 months ago

Hmm.. false alarm? You can't add topics but you can use the search in the request window to look them up and request people who answer in these other, more popular topics. Not too shabby..

I found out you posted on my profile around late january while cleaning my email from quora spam today, did you delete the post before i saw it or did it get warped out of existence?
youtuube 1 year ago

irc I left a comment with a link to a forum post I had where I shared your website (the topic was Yahoo Answers) but I was worried it was kinda spammy and deleted it

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