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Accidentally added the autoplay notice from the index page to the other main pages, so I just fixed that.
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I turned the footer buttons into their own separate page inside an iframe so I don't have to spend all that time making a single change consistent between pages. Might do this with other elements. Still working on the art page but I've been very lazy when it comes to working out a system and getting all those images.
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someotherstranger 1 month ago

Based. I did something similar using JavaScript, but I've been considering switching to iframes.

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yosaia 1 month ago

I was actually trying to to it with JavaScript before but couldn't figure out how πŸ’€

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pretty cool site (hi fellow kiwi!!), but why are pagans not allowed to interact?? genuine question.
Sorry for not updating my site in a week, I got a little bored. I'm working on the art page as well as some writings/blog posts.
your entire website gives off πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ energy, realest stuff ever
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hardmachine 3 months ago

I'll take it! Thanks!

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pogchamp website
arandomsite 3 months ago

thx, haven’t updated in a long time bc of real life but I’ll try when I get back from vacation tuesday

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Finally made the music page >w< also finally gave the website a favicon
sweettea 3 months ago

... Please finish Retronical I need the full version asap. Your music is awesome!

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flying-with-quills 3 months ago

^^I second this entirely

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yosaia 3 months ago

Not sure if I have the file for the original though, but recreating it shouldn't be too hard.


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