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The music links are fixed now! (Thanks I've been working on a ton of other stuff (I now own a wiki at although I've barely worked on anything but how it looks and the main page) and I've had a lot of schoolwork but I'll try getting some stuff done over the remainder of these holidays.
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Nvm I need to upgrade my pCloud account to do it dammit
Wait I think I might be able to do it with my pCloud account
Although ngl upgrading to a supporter would fulfill all this
Look guys do y'all know of any cloud storage services with free plans where I can just... store some raw files like images and video and then link those raw files in my NeoCities website??
flying-with-quills 1 month ago

I use and have never had an issue but Idk if that's what you're looking for;;

ah no don't tell me it stopped working AGAIN
Yeah I think I might have to do that with all the other media I uploaded to Dropbox.

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