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I have a question. Can I add a button for your site to add to my site in return for (if you can) add a button for my site on yours
gwtagacw 6 years ago

If you add my button to your site, I'll add yours to mine! Do you have a link to your button?

shortycorner 6 years ago

yeah dude, i have a button i can add yours if you want!

kenny46140 6 years ago

Dunno what OwlMan's rant was about, but he said you were in the States. You told me you were in Wales, UK. Is this the only handle/web-page you have on neocities? Oh, I was talking about "Bugsy" the guinea pig in that "Bedtime Stories" Sandler movie. Bugsy was about the funniest part of it. It was on the other day.

kenny46140 6 years ago

(oh, sorry) Hiya, "Shorty Corner". Cool page, dude. Ask around!

kenny46140 6 years ago

(an, uh) Hiya, "sudo9sworld". Cool page, too!

sudo9sworld 6 years ago

I do not have a button (a good one......)

sudo9sworld 6 years ago

Im making a button what resolution

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