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hi, im working on a different site of mine right now! its for my webcomic of my AU
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veyther 2 months ago

Yooo!! That's pretty cool :P If I may how are you going to display the comic I want to do something similar so I'm trying to figure out how everyone else does it

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sparklewiziz 2 months ago

@veyther i think ill just put images as is

I would appreciate any help with the site. I'm new to HTML coding
aisforaardvark 3 months ago

hey! i’m pretty new myself but i’ve built my site ok thus far! what are you looking to do first? also if you’d prefer to email or discord my email is and i can vgive you my discord there!

aisforaardvark 3 months ago

just to add onto this, ive figured out how to add links to only certain parts of a website, so if you're interested i could help you through it :)

i’m so excited to see your site come to fruition!
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Even if you're still in the planning stages, I can't help but find the site sketch to be very charming already ^^ Wish ya luck converting your coding ideas into reality!
sparklewiziz 3 months ago

awww, thanks TwT im such a beginner in coding, i'll try my best


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