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Im probably gonna end up removing the workshop page, I... just kinda lost motivation for it
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Hey guys, just wanted to say that updates might come out a bit slower in these coming weeks. My mental stability isnt doing to great due to stress, and I dont want this place to suffer because of it; so I'll only post if I actually good to share
cantodovazio 3 weeks ago

Melhoras para ti!

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skulldollar 3 weeks ago

Obrigado cara

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New page is now up (! Not much to see right now, tho....
Im making something... well okay, not *BIG* but uh yeah, new page for a project soon(tm)
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skulldollar 1 month ago

(In all honesty I'm dead tired to start today, so uh... yeah, page base is coming tomorrow, with maybe first post until the end of this week)

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