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processing new additions now! sorry for the delay, folx!
idea: make it so that you can have "subrings" that are external pages catered for a certain theme. would be interesting if you could get it done. I'm ok if it'd be too much work though.
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bobzilla 6 years ago

like for instance, in the email you could say "add to programmer subring" or "make a linux subring". that kind of thing.

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ourspace 6 years ago

that's a cool idea! it might be a bit too much work for me right now as I've been pretty busy, but it's something I'm interested in for sure. of course, if anyone else wanted to start making webrings catered to specific themes, that would be groovy!

welcome to arcadevirus, aether fountains, and connor's world! you've been added!!
going on vacation, I'll add the new applicants when I get back!
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