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I know it's late for that! But... Happy 10 000 Views to your website!
alexparr 7 months ago

I'll be honest, i'm pre'y sure like half of those are just me. Lol

Hello, Your website looks interesting, I wonder how the stories will look like when the Stories page will be done.
themothership 7 months ago

Thank you so much! Yeah, I'm hoping to have a usable layout ready by the end of the week--hoping to make it look cool, haha. I'll post test pages of what it'll look like as I get them done :)

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Your Website looks very nice!
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saint-images 7 months ago

Thank you, this makes me extremely happy! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o You website is amazing too, the style is so pretty! And I have double respect for people who run their websites in two or more languages.

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mugmanfr 7 months ago

You're welcome, by the way, Thanks for featuring my website in this page, It will be a great help for me, my fansite and the Web series that my fansite is about :

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Thanks for following me!
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