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can anyone help me with an html question 😭
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scenequeen 3 years ago

whats up?? :O

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medulla 3 years ago

ok so im trying to make a div partially transparent , but only the background not text or images. im using rgba but it only works sometimes?? the right column on my about is how it should look, and the right column on my dragonfable page is what im trying to fix. it's only working for one of the pages though and idgi.

medulla 3 years ago

nvm it finally fixed itself lol but thank u!! :)

just made the best splash page ever go check it out and get jealous 🤠
medulla 3 years ago

also thank you for 2k views ^w^

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super pretty site!
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check out my about for some of the cutest lil images ever >:}
does anyone have a quick way to rename files? i have a huge unorganized folder of stamps and blinkies and im renaming them like this: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.png, 5.jpg................. etc. to make it easy to type them all out. it takes a long time though,,
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medulla 3 years ago

nvm i found it, heehehe

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