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Today’s arbitrary departue from the norm involves yours truly reviewing “THE EDGE SUPER GAMEPAD”, which isn’t:
Bigass post tonight. Really popping off, and really going off on that real shit:
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arkmsworld 1 year ago

It will sort itself out. You may be in the maelstrom before the calm, as it were. Releasing all expectations may help. As Nobutada said, "Too many mind. Mind the sword, mind the people watch, mind enemy - -too many mind. --- No mind. :)

kratzen 1 year ago

I suppose you’re right, actually, because this article tonight is one of the best and longest I’ve ever produced.

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As part of Kratzen’s increasingly desperate gimmicks cynically attempting to earn more and more views from disinterested losers, we’re now doing a review of a review! GASP!
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