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your plushie collection imbues in me more life than mere mortals should be privileged with
aleash 1 year ago

You bathed in the plush-powered fountain of youth?

kratzen 1 year ago

i suppose, as matter of fact and principal, i had embarked myself into the waters of fabrics and approximations of animals

aleash 1 year ago

the plushies is what the waters and flow of life take the shape of, they are a beautiful message to us all.

post weasle memes
aleash 1 year ago

ooooooooooooooo thats a hellova request you got there mister. can the weasourgeoisie memes compare to the Porketariat?

kratzen 1 year ago

yes because they are fluffy and soft and are my Wife

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aleash 1 year ago

you might just get that page...

exosilver 1 year ago

kratzen don't tell people to copy my jokes

Thank you so much for-a following my blog! I especially appreciate the isometric pixel art on your index page, which I truly thought was a dead breed. Oh, how I remember the early 2000s...
aleash 1 year ago

Welcome and Thanks :) love to try my hand at the isometric stuff, just takes quite a while haha.

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