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kato it’s good to see you learned CSS gradients so you don’t have to worry about bad code
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UPDATE: “Sort the Court,” a monarchist fantasy for people with very generous ideas about how they act.
UPDATE: Karate Basketball. Really.
So I'd like to really prostitute myself and get Jim to read the thing, but shipping to the UK would mean they know me. Given the choice between eggs and letters, I'd spend the money on food. Perhaps I could shill on Reddit, but then it's Reddit. Startups are Hell, aren't they?
strata 2 years ago

This is why 9 out of 10 startups fail.

UPDATE: A full and sincere discussion on Jim Sterling that has nothing to do with gaming.
strata 2 years ago

What an entertaining read.

strata the three likes on that post are encouraging you to be lazy. they're bad influences. you should like my posts to cure it.
strata 2 years ago

Am I doing it right?

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