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UPDATE: I have decided to abandon my singular area of expertise to instead focus on reviews of the hottest new trap and R&B singles.
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thebrokensetonline 2 years ago

Send help, I think this one's lost it.

UPDATE: You ARE the AI. You must BE the AI. And you may or may not skip out on this game depending on how you feel about that.
UPDATE: A little game about gardening and fire fire oh no the fire.
Ohayou, kits. Does anybody see my website as being in Comic Sans? If it is, I must fix it.
arkmsworld 2 years ago

No, of course not. Excelsior!

UPDATE: Another indie game darling that just has to die. This time it’s Momodora. Is it decent? It’s Kratzen. Did you expect it to be?
Finally, you’re back. No matter how legitimate your needs, it is still a million times easier to take action than to spend all of your life regretting what you didn’t do. A professional does not wait for “inspiration” to come to them. They hunt it like an animal. They write no matter what. Hope you get better soon.
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