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Today we’re learning how to defuse bombs. Finally, a game with practical applications:
Please ignore the clown on the front page. We’re in space now:
Hey, yes, we’re doing it. GUN☆CAT is a game with a Cat with Gun’s:
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I promise I will not betray your trust or your time or attention, and I will become someone who you may look back on admiring and not feel bad for having admired me. I hope that you, in your art, do the same for someone who will owe a great debt to you.
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btnsmshr 2 years ago

thanks, and i'll do my best!

Those who are gay or partially such will enjoy reading the impactful short web app, “Coming Out Simulator”:
The Froge is back yet again. Please, enjoy the remnants of what I’ve done the past month:
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btnsmshr 2 years ago

this article has just made me cry. for reals. is it too late to express my gratitude to you for your awesome neocities projects? because, seriously, man, you're the bestest. thank you so much for all of your work. you made me missing my dream of becoming a writer and video game reviewer instead of a programmer. please don't ever stop writing. thank you again. *sob*

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