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We’ve come full circle. The Indie Games are now ripping off the AAA sector. No longer will we have wildly wacky games about horse crimes. Now it’s all Gun. And here is Gun:
Rememebr SimCity on the SNES? It had a younger brother who went to jail for horse crime:
Today we’re learning how to defuse bombs. Finally, a game with practical applications:
Please ignore the clown on the front page. We’re in space now:
Hey, yes, we’re doing it. GUN☆CAT is a game with a Cat with Gun’s:
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I promise I will not betray your trust or your time or attention, and I will become someone who you may look back on admiring and not feel bad for having admired me. I hope that you, in your art, do the same for someone who will owe a great debt to you.
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kva64 2 years ago

thanks, and i'll do my best!

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