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I think a lot of the philosophy behind making a game an alpha forever can be summed up as “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Generally games get the most attention when they’re in pre-release, because they are never officially finished and so never get old. With a philosophy like Dwarf Fortress’, this can allow a team to add in more stuff. But when it comes to Steam... it’s all a crapshoot.
Kratzen is dead; I am now going to focus on my full-time career of being a Toontown Let’s Player:
As we look to the future, we see the mistakes of the past, and how they never get better, as is The Hell That Is Developing:
There’s no update today, but I can leave you with an extraordinary video, the “Top 5 Most Stunning Instances of Degeneracy in Goldeneye & The-Elite History”:
We’ve come full circle. The Indie Games are now ripping off the AAA sector. No longer will we have wildly wacky games about horse crimes. Now it’s all Gun. And here is Gun:
Rememebr SimCity on the SNES? It had a younger brother who went to jail for horse crime:

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