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Unauthorised production of copyrighted intellectual property is against the law. I am filing a DMCA notice against your site on behalf of my client company, Nintendo of America.
strata 2 years ago

There's no fucking nintendo content on my site!

joppiesaus 2 years ago

nintendows is my favorite operating system

nah fam you gotta wait until Monday, cause, you know, Sunday’s the day of rest and I’m getting my snooze on like ZZZ you know how it is
actually wait until tomorrow i was busy setting up Linux lol
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owlman 2 years ago

My doot, you can take all the time in the world

i have decided to fill out your survey. expect a 5,000 word e-mail in your inbox tomorrow. do not publish this article without this information.
owlman 2 years ago

5,000 words?!?!

He has no style, has has no taste. This Donk doesn’t even have a face:
Watch me make fun of a dude with four million subscribers who makes more money than I had in my entire life:
i’ve followed you now so i expect more furry content
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strata 2 years ago

time to unfollow I guess

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owlman 2 years ago

Christ, I'll write an article then. Happy?!?!?!?!

kratzen 2 years ago

given that the furry subculture has been steadily gaining traction over the past three years, it will only be a matter of time before we become as well-known as the weebs. when that happens, i’ll feel these foreign emotions again.

strata 2 years ago

@owlman yes!

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