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when you gonna post that article i e-mailed you two days ago with the Koran of Furries
owlman 1 year ago

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This is the part where everything falls apart and I contemplate a long and painful suicide, E.G. becoming a YouTuber:
dunkey four i don’t even know you ain’t even reading this trash lmao
i’m gaming catch me tomorrow
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strata 1 year ago

that's pathetic

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Unauthorised production of copyrighted intellectual property is against the law. I am filing a DMCA notice against your site on behalf of my client company, Nintendo of America.
strata 1 year ago

There's no fucking nintendo content on my site!

joppiesaus 1 year ago

nintendows is my favorite operating system

nah fam you gotta wait until Monday, cause, you know, Sunday’s the day of rest and I’m getting my snooze on like ZZZ you know how it is

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