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kratzen 1 year ago

i can’t believe you used my copyrighted artwork in your article. i’m filing a DMCA.

owlman 1 year ago

Christ, I'll take it down if it makes you mad

The Speech from the Throne is back again, and also with a bunch of furry nerds:
donate to my Internet Welfare to have me play one shitty meme game a month
jackomix 1 year ago

no u donate to me

Do a review of "Dream Daddy" ;)
This new one is about a middle schooler yandere, and I’m already horrified:
when you gonna post that article i e-mailed you two days ago with the Koran of Furries
owlman 1 year ago

Send you an e-mail

This is the part where everything falls apart and I contemplate a long and painful suicide, E.G. becoming a YouTuber:

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