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Oh hey welcome to heck, no big deal.
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New post tomorrow! But an exclusive FLASH OFFER for my followers: you can give some Internet asshole your hard-earned money instead of spending it on food, and be the FIRST to do so!
kratzen 1 year ago

It's been ten seconds where my money at

headache-booth 1 year ago

i have no e-money sorry

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Post more OwlMail you daffy bint
owlman 1 year ago

One day... one day...

kratzen 1 year ago

And add me to the Neotime page: “2016-05-20: Froge, of the Degenerates, founds the hit blog Froghand, starting a series of projects that nobody asked for and frankly wishes would go away”.

All twenty of my followers better be fuckin’ hyped for Tao of Mario coming out on October 1. The first two chapters will be free to download, because they’re all I wrote, and I’m getting back to writing about bad meme games next month.
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btnsmshr 1 year ago

*mega hyped*

Hooray, it has occured! Four whole months! Actually five, but whatever:
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