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Hi fr1234, by "middle black" I was thinking doing something like this:
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fr1234 11 months ago

just put in this code (sorry, neocities didn't allow html&css for comments)

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oposh 11 months ago

Alright, needed to do some tweaks and now is exactly how I wanted, thank you! About upscaled opossum, I'll consider if I will use him but nonetheless thank you :)

hey kprg if you want, i have made a upscaled version of opussy-pierog. (the illustration you have at the top of your site) Before: Upscaled: Upscaled Transparent:, and what do you mean by making the middle black? And to make the layout a bit more mobile-friendly you can use max-width instead of width.
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the art section is just the best
good design! And thank you for following!
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I like the Windows XP thing you're doing here.
fr1234 11 months ago

thank you!

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