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Ok, my weird connection problem is back. I can't view my own website on my computer using any browser, the best I get is a splash screen for my domain registrar. It is not my network or my registrar, the site loads fine on other devices connected to the same network. I'm thinking it might be a firewall issue, but I can't seem to isolate what issue would only effect one site. Grrr...
davidh 1 year ago

Confirmation! If I turn off my firewall on my computer the site loads. Now I just need to figure out why...

davidh 1 year ago

ok, weird. I reset the firewall to default and it loads fine in Firefox, but when I boot up chrome the firewall asks for a rule change. Once accepted the site will only load on Chrome...WTH!

davidh 1 year ago

Maleware scan comes up empty...

davidh 1 year ago

Adding it to trusted sites in internet options seems to fix the problem. That will work for now until I figure out what kind of rule change Chrome causes.

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