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Does anyone else have trouble with pages not loading after edits are made? Using Firefox and I do notice I can view things sooner in Chrome.
rainstormsinjuly 1 year ago

haven't had that happen. but I'm on firefox nightly. not sure if that would make a big difference or not. when i used regular firefox, i don't think i ever ran into that issue either. hmm...

strata 1 year ago

Try shift-F5.

davidh 1 year ago

I am starting to think it has something to do with the default SSL set-up here, but sadly I can't find the settings to either fix it or use my own through my registrar.

rainstormsinjuly 1 year ago

if that's the case, email Kyle Drake (site owner). i had some issues with that a while back out of the blue and we sorted it out. I was starting to wonder since you were having no issues in Chrome and you have a custom domain. it's only ever effected my sites with custom domains for some reason..

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rainstormsinjuly 1 year ago

there's also a contact form link somewhere on Neocities as well. he responds pretty quickly from past experiences.

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