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Thankyou, but unfortunately Bluefish is not WYSIWYG. What do you use to design your website? Or do you work directly writing the code? Greetings!
strata 5 months ago

My two cents: don't use WYSIWYG editors.

cyberoom 5 months ago

Usually I put only hands on libreoffice for the frames then the rest I do freestyle, almost always I start with a type of style of the sitio in the head, but then I end up creating the opposite. I never create a default style.

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I have a query: I see that you use Linux. Do you know any WYSIWYG html editor for linux? I'm embarrassingly using FrontPage 2003 in virtualbox. Greetings and thanks.
cyberoom 5 months ago

I know Bluefish, look here maybe you can find one that's right for you ..

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Done, I added your link. In my new links section you will also find my banner. I'm having problems with chrome: It would not be updating the cache correctly. The solution, of the user, could be to navigate in private mode. I think the problem is the framset. I love frames, but maybe remove them from my design. Probably I do it.
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cyberoom 5 months ago

I've been using Opera in asus eeepc lately, but I'm going to put Vivaldi on the big laptop, chrome has become too intrusive for my taste ..

Hello Aky, thank for your post on my guestbook and thank for the link. In these days I will design a banner for myself and I will include yours. Greetings.
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