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does anyone else remember StarlightMKS? my favorite website for dollz, blinkies, and MIDIs back in the day :')
failed to notice that today is the 1 year anniversary of Carcharodon's creation. here's to future endeavors
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hello all 7 of my followers! after working out some kinks with employment and rent, i plan to update carcharodon. i haven't forgotten, and thank you for the follow!
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hey! it's wonderful to see another insect appreciator on here. :} i just wanted to warn you that your psycho billy page doesn't display right unless i zoom in, and probably won't for other people. i'm excited to see what else you may do with your site!
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carcharodon 4 years ago

thank you very much!! sorry, i couldn't comment until now as my site was so new. i was very pleased to find another bug lover on here, we are few and far between! thank you as well for your advice on the psychobilly page, hopefully my tinkering will do it justice.

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