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bloktic 5 months ago

I have a guestbook now! Link on the home page. Sign it if you can!

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Oh, my newest update got merged with the last one LOL. Anyways, for the last week of my trip, I will be making a few updates to the site itself. Today I put in a News Archive page to tidy up the Home page.
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Quick update: my month-long family trip has been extended to a month and a half! Which means the hiatus will last a little longer. Expect a return to normalcy around the start of July. Thanks!
Thank you so much for the follow and for letting me know you linked me! I added your button in return. Cheers!
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bloktic 6 months ago

Only a week into the hiatus and there's already a new comic! Enjoy!

bloktic 6 months ago

News post. Thanks for reading!

saint-images 6 months ago

Good luck on your trip!

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