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i have something i need help with as well. sometimes when i make a link that goes to another website...let's say i want to link to so i type Google. but when i click on it, it's recognized as "" which is extremely Not RIGHT so if anybody can help me out mmuch luv to you
chillbitz 4 years ago

hmm maybe try

joppiesaus 4 years ago

You need to specify the protocol of the link, otherwise the browser thinks it's not a link to a different website but a link to something in your own website. So will go to, but will go to

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chillbitz 4 years ago

oop I tried to include a line of code but I guess it just executed it in the reply section, it's gone lol

joppiesaus 4 years ago

oh no why is it REMOVED put https:// in front of of the

joppiesaus 4 years ago

why does it disappear? well at least we have unicode: <a href=">IT IS LIKE THIS</a> <a href=">THIS WILL GO TO</a>

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777x 4 years ago

yea looks like neocities gets confused when it sees code in the comments, so it tries to execute it but cant. but thanks for the tip! i dont normally do that so it will probably work--

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