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Time to play "Is the lightbox working because I misread something and did something wrong, or is it because I'm using Grid and there's grid items in the code that's messing with it?" Or will it be the secret 3rd option of me procrastinating this even longer? Let's find out Edit: Make sure your JS link is right. That was the problem!
stormeko 1 year ago

Okay using Grid already isn't the problem. I must've made a mistake somewhere. So that narrows it down a little!

stormeko 1 year ago

My only guess is that you can't only follow the EZ Gallery thing and have to actually download the PhotoViewer too, but wouldn't it say that on the EZ Gallery page?

stormeko 1 year ago

I told myself I'm learning code pretty quick. But guess who just found out the problem? The JS wasn't linked right. I spent like an hour on this last night XD

stormeko 1 year ago

That's interesting though. I put the JS file outside of any folders. The art years are in an Art folder and then a Years folder. I didn't think I'd need to do ../../JSFile since I don't need to do that with the CSS file for my Worlds which is like that. Huh. Learned something new today!

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