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My page just got a major update, which gives the fractal section a more structured appearance. Try it out:
Mandelbrot was updated.
2 years ago
joppiesaus 2 years ago

Your Sierpinski triangle(not the chaos game one) looks beautiful, but is invalid. You're recursively creating a sierpinski triangle inside of the gap of the sierpinski triangle. If you remove `drawInTri`, it will generate a valid one.

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joppiesaus 2 years ago

Also: Amazing work!

mandelbrot 2 years ago

Yes, I know of this. I deliberately added 'drawInTri' to make it my very personal Sierpinski Triangle. I just didn´t note that, yet. But I will probably remove this extra function again.

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mandelbrot 2 years ago

It´s amazing that you noticed that and reviewed my code! :)

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I love fractals! I play them in class as a boredom repellent.
mandelbrot 2 years ago

You are always welcome to play around with the fractals I coded! :)

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jackomix 2 years ago

I might make a boredom repellent page. :)

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