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Awesome! Simply awesome.
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mandelbrot 1 year ago

Thank you!:)

Coming Soon: A script which plays with evolution. The script will randomly draw circles on a canvas. Circle size, position and color can mutate. The canvas is then compared to a given image. High similarity between image and canvas means high fitness for this sequence of circles. Like in nature, the sequence with high fitness will reproduce with a higher chance. My script is currently in alpha phase.
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mandelbrot 1 year ago

If you want, you can follow the progress under . But right now, not reeeally much is working

mandelbrot 1 year ago

Update: I stopped developing this project with Javascript and p5.js. I switched to p3 for the sake of type safety. I will publish the .exe soon

Mandelbrot was updated.
1 year ago
mandelbrot 1 year ago

Happy Birthday, Java!

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My page just got a major update, which gives the fractal section a more structured appearance. Try it out:

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