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awesome website, i love math too
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kittyaurel 6 months ago

Thank you! At some point this year I will totally do something mathy on the site c;

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Great design! I can learn a lot from you c:
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Your character is so creative! Awesome site c:
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cinnamuff 7 months ago

Thank you!!

Red/black themes were always appealing to me! Cool stuff :)
Your site has the perfect energy x3 Keep it up!
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I like your chocolate themed site. :D
farnible 7 months ago

thank you :D!

Hey guys! I'm thinking about redesigning my page to be more personal and artsy. Currently it is more like everything else in today's web with all the flat colors. ^-^'
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kittyaurel 7 months ago

Also I found a convenient way to ditch the default template of love.js and integrate the games into the site itself. Hm.. and I try to make a Platformer.. One day it will also be here I hope.

allnightapothecary 7 months ago

Please do!! I'd love to see your personal style

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