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Your layout!! I'm in love with it!
hollyblue 1 year ago

Thank you!!

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Love your use of the old Neopets map- so cute! So glad that you chose Blueberry Jelly! You have been added to the Jellyring script, the pals page and the Giant Jelly pool!!! Thank you!!
hollyblue 1 year ago

Awesome! Thank you so much!! ^-^

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88x31 buttons are now up on the Links page!! If you like my site, consider linking to it! \(^o^)/
Added some audio cues and a new neocities button onto the links page! In progress right now are the Neopets page bc I'm kind of fixating on Neo atm (I'm hoarding as many fanwebsites (active & archived) and petpages as I can to link LOL), and an IRL garden photographs page
hollyblue 1 year ago

On my to-do list is to make buttons for the site & different index layouts (I'll prob keep the Neopia one as an alternative but I like the idea of creating my own garden layout to be the index, as that matches with the initial site themeing more (I was really trying to play into the garden thing at first and I need to pick it back up)

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