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I like barely know how to code at all, but would like to phase out my navigations to account for more pagesss. Would like to do mini-shrines and post about things i find cool ya know. Separate IcePets into a page and have a Neopets page where I can talk abt weird things i've been researching (did u know before 2001 users designed loads of items? amazing.)
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The Money Tree is super cool! Just claimed Jelly Pop Stamp & added to my Links page. Seems fitting since I never post about soda but I'm super into like Michigan-made bottled sodas and Neopets both... using Neopets like this is a cool way people can express themselves, I really like what you are doing. (Psst also not to be pedantic but the "jelly aisha travel guide" is mismarked its "jelly acara travels") <3
jellyworld 1 year ago

d'oh! Thank you! I'll fix it! I'm so glad you like it!

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