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trying to determine for sure if there really are any other colors out there of the golisopod ddakji and coming up with nothing......why must researching merch in any language other than english and japanese be so difficult
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koinuko 3 months ago

i really know nothing about pokemon merch (or reading korean lol) but i love trying to find info about stuff like this, idk if it helps or not but i did some digging, i think the company that makes them is called 이엘에프비, and i also found an unboxing blog post that has a golisopod one w/ pics of the box it came in :O

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koinuko 3 months ago <-- better URL for the blog post that lets google auto-translate it

was able to buy a new pod item for the first time in months. nature is healing
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3 months ago
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After I finish up this site i'm considering starting another personal one....for anything that isnt collection related
sugarteara 3 months ago

DO ITTT u got the talent u got the power... wawa

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4 months ago
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