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omg I'm also extremely new to html and i also love iasip !! (artemis and charlie are the best characters)
fagdyke 9 months ago

fuck yesss. theyre so good. frank has to be one of my favs tbh the show wouldnt be the same without devito. i also love cricket & his descent ...

yr site looks cool!! also hi fellow archive 81 fan hell yeah
fagdyke 9 months ago

thank you so much! :D i LOVE ur url/brand you got going. the layout of your site looks real cool too :) a81 rocks!

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grlrot 9 months ago

waah thank you!! I love yr url too we r vibing <3

lookin cool so far !
fagdyke 9 months ago

thank you so much! im gonna be messin with it for a while :)

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